Polypropylene nets – PE line

Polypropylene nets (with the P6E in the lead) are one of the first products created by Retificio Nassi. This line of nets, made in 100% polypropylene, is particularly recommended for the packaging of all the dried meat that, during the curing, tends to grow mold. In fact, thanks to the high resistance of the polypropylene yarn, the nets keep their physical structure intact not wearing themselves out during time and assuring an excellent endurance.

They can also be used during the packaging of hams and mortadella, since this type of net has a vast range of coloring. PE line can be produced in any dimension of the square and any diameter. The nets can be supplied both in pieces with textile closure, in bundles of 100/200m for the use on automatic packaging machines, and in continuous meter loose in boxes.

Model: P81/P81 PRP
Squares: da 5 a 20
Material: 100% PE

Ideale per: all types of meat and dairy producs.