Ham loops

In order to give a better service and keeping up with the latest production requirements, we present our latest innovation, designed specifically for your ham.

The exclusive Ham loop to hang your product.
Here are some of the strengths of this cutting edge product:
Material 100% certified for food contact according to European legislation 10/2011
Endless possibilities for customization and colors. Enough with the usual string!
Pre-cut pieces according to your needs
extreme resistance
Possibility of use both during curing phase or for packaging, to enrich your finished product!

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Bags for speck

One of our special knitted nets for technical use is the bag for curing and smoking speck and dried meats.

Produced in cooperation with the R&D Office of some of the most famous speck producers, this bag 100% polypropylene with handle and a rectangular shape, allows to obtain a well-squared product, with no need to drill during hanging.

The absence of the holes allows an increase in production performances, while avoiding the waste due to the strong presence of bacterial charges present in the holes made by traditional hanging.

The bag is used both for smoking and for curing, and can be reused for at least two cycles of production.

In 2015, under request of some customers, Retificio Nassi, combining its experience in the field of technical nets, with the knowledge of the best meat processors, created the new “Heart Speck” (CV 120/66) designed for the "Cuore di Speck "one of the most representative products of the Italian delicatessen.

Fixed nets - Rayon type

(S10I and S20I) The "Queen of nets”. This exclusive line is designed for the customer who seeks tradition and quality but also relies on cutting edge materials. This net, 100% polyamide, knitted with a unique technology, are certified according to the most recent Italian and European standards for food contact materials.

The nets can be supplied in packs of 250 pieces opened, facilitating the operator during the packaging process and contributing to save production time. Available colors are havana and white.

Just as all our nets, the Rayon line can be supplied in pieces of any measures, in continuous meter or in bundles of 100/200 mt, suitable for loading on automatic machines.

Finally, S10I and S20I nets, thanks to their construction, can also be used for mortadella cooking.

Voluminous nets - PX line

PX line was born to give a rich and elegant look to the packaging of meat delicatessen. Created to decorate Parma boneless ham, it has already confirmed to be an essential element in the packaging of any dried meat.

Produced in four different weights, PX line, thanks to its voluminousness and the possibility of infinite customizations, makes your product look pleasant. It can be supplied in pieces cut according to your needs, and closed by an extremely resistant textile enclosure, or in bundles of 60/70m for the use on automatic packaging machines.

Lastly, PX is also available in continuous meter loose in boxes.

Polypropylene nets - PE line

Polypropylene nets (with the P6E in the lead) are one of the first products created by Retificio Nassi. This line of nets, made in 100% polypropylene, is particularly recommended for the packaging of all the dried meat that, during the curing, tends to grow mold.

In fact, thanks to the high resistance of the polypropylene yarn, the nets keep their physical structure intact not wearing themselves out during time and assuring an excellent endurance.

They can also be used during the packaging of hams and mortadella, since this type of net has a vast range of coloring.

PE line can be produced in any dimension of the square and any diameter.

The nets can be supplied both in pieces with textile closure, in bundles of 100/200m for the use on automatic packaging machines, and in continuous meter loose in boxes.

Special knitted nets - CV and UCKY

CV and Ucky are the most successful nets in the field of technical nets for food contact materials. Produced in cooperation with the R&D Office of some of the largest mortadella producers, they are designed for cooking and curing.

This line of nets is highly innovative. Thanks to the particular structure of the net, it allows to maintain a constant and perfect cylindricity on the entire surface of the product, being able to eliminate the unacceptable pear effect caused by gravity during hanging.

In addition, they help to optimize the performance of the product during slicing, making the slices more uniform with a significant reduction in terms of production waste.

CV and Ucky nets have a size range from 60 to 600 mm caliber and they can bear from 2 to 120 kg.

They are available in pieces with a single central handle, with two handles, in order to facilitate the hanging and in continuous meters, with or without handles.

Extruded nets

Our range of extruded nets covers all types on the market today. They are produced in polypropylene and polyethylene (PP-PE).

Thanks to our experience in the meat processing industry, we developed extruded nets suitable for every need in packaging and production.

The nets can be provided in all colors and sizes, both in rools of 1000/2000 meters (on sleeve 30 "or 75") and closed with clip or heat sealing.

Nets for cheese

Thanks to a constant research and development carried out by Retificio Nassi technicians, the company has succeeded in developing one of the most interesting innovations of recent years in the dairy industry.

With the aim to replace the old synthetic rope, with an innovative knitted net that simulates the old hand made artisan cheese binding, customers have found considerable advantages, from a saving in production time to an increase of the hygienic conditions of the products (the nets are fully certified with specific migration analysis).

The nets, made entirely without any type of manipulation by the operator, contributes to reduce bacterial charges on the finished product.

To meet the latest market trends, which are increasingly turning towards biological production, Retificio Nassi has created a net for cheese in pure cotton.