The brand EVOTEX is the new elastic netting line for the food industry of Retificio Nassi srl.

Entirely Italian made, EVOTEX elastic nettings stand out for their ability to offer innovative products that constantly comply with the health safety regulations of national and international market.

Retificio Nassi historical range of products and level of service are combined with the quality of EVOTEX elastic nettings line, in order to offer the best to our customers all around the world.

The use of cutting edge technology allows Retificio Nassi to manufacture elastic nets created according to customer’s needs. Making exclusive and customized nets for our domestic and international clients.

Rosting Nets

Type: ARP3
Squares: from 10 to 30

Type: ARPX
Squares: from 12 to 30

Type: ARP5
Squares: from 12 to 30

Type: AR/4/BR
Squares: from 14 to 30

Salami Nets

Type: SAL
Squares: 6 or 9

Type: S-P
Squares: from 12 to 30

Coppa and pancetta Nets

Type: DT/BR
Squares: from 10 to 40

Type: ALL
Squares: Various widths from 60 to 130 mm plane

Type: DT/PR
Squares: from 12 to 30

Bresaola Nets

Type: ALL
Squares: Various widths from 60 to 130 mm plane

Multi-Axial Elastic Nets (REM)

Retificio Nassi introduces its latest innovation in the field of elastic nets, Multiaxial Elastic Nets (REM), created for products that have to be sliced but also for the ones that require a very consistent draw during aging.

Thanks to their unique structure, entirely made of covered elastic rubber, Multiaxial Elastic Nets have a constant elasticity in all directions, helping to give a cylindrical shape perfect for slicing. The elongation is more than 300%.

Designed especially for: Bresaola, double and single Coppe, Bacon, Capocollo, Speck, boneless hams, round slice and automatic slicing.

Export Elastic Nets

Retificio Nassi has developed a line of elastic nets especially designed for the export market. Roasting nets for poultry and red meats, seasong nets for dryed meats in general and the String net a cutting edge elastic net that simulates the old hand binding of the product. All the nets are available in red or white color depending on customer needs.


Type: Stockings
Pieces and/or square footage
Various diameters

Elastic stockings

Type: Elastic stockings
Pieces and/or square footage
Various diameters and various compression types