Nets for gift baskets

The new “Bellavista” is the name that christens the new line of knitted nets for the packaging of Christmas baskets. It was born from the originality that identifies the production of Retificio Nassi.

Bellavista was born right from the need to give an innovative, practical and economic look to the product that you want to wrap, giving an idea of originality and eco-friendly respect (these nets are also produced in 100% cotton).

Bellavista nets do not alter the environment of conservation of the products, avoiding condensation or mold that, in some cases, may form in traditional plastic packaging.

The nets can be produced in many materials and all of them can have diameters and patterns realized depending on the customer's need.

Nets for mussels

Fish industry is a new sector in great expansion for Retificio Nassi. In fact, the construction of a new type of knitted nets for mussel farm is recent.

The idea was born from the need of some of our clients that needed a resistant type of net but also, at the same time, a knitted net that allowed the mussels to come out from it.

The idea was to produce two nets in one, the first one would had to tear itself apart, the second one (built with high tenacity materials) would had to stay intact, allowing the mussels to complete their growth.

Nets for scuba tanks

We produce nets for the protection of scuba tanks, built with special yarns and treated with particular processes of fixing and drying, in order to get duration and resistance.

The nets can be produced in many sizes and colors, both in meter and packaged.

Nets for soccer and balls

Our range includes nets for toy goals and nets to package balls, both single and for multiple packs. All these nets can be produced in different sizes and dimensions.

Nets for bottles

One of the latest innovation produced by Retificio Nassi is exactly for your bottle, whatever it may contain.

Specific knitted nets were created to elegantly protect and decorate it. A new and elegant idea through which highlighting your bottle.

Nets for tree packaging

One of our old slogan says “we produce the net for your trees”. Still today Retificio Nassi produces nets for the packaging of firs, fruit trees, tall trees and little plants, both for the selling and for internal and external movement. The main features of our nets are the high resistance and the unquestionable practicality, in fact, using highly resistant materials like polypropylene and polyamide, and supplying the net already opened in bundles of 100m, we can give guaranties of functionality and saving to the user.

The nets can be produced in unlimited combinations of colors and in all available diameters and shapes.

Stretchy Bag large, strong, quick, recyclable

STRETCHY BAG is the small bag that stretches! The main feature of STRETCHY is the great simplicity, due to its small dimensions it is easy and comfortable for daily use. In addition, it has an exceptional storage capacity, and an excellent resistance due to the high tenacity yarn construction and the special knitted pattern.

STRETCHY is so strong to withstand a load of over 20 kilograms. STRETCHY is really convenient, you can carry it with you, in your purse or in your pocket. It is always ready to give you a hand when you need it!

STRETCHY is washable, you can put it in the washing machine and it will return as good as new, this help to reduce waste and dispersion of plastic bags defending the environment. STRETCHY is also an original idea as gadget. STRETCHY may be provided in any color or customized with your personal or company logo.

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